About SnackieCakes

Welcome to SnackieCakes.com.

I have a penchant for games and baking, and a real love for analysis. I hope you’ll find here a clever mix of the three and a genuinely solid source of gaming reviews and information. Furthermore, while many gaming sites provide news and reviews which stylistically parallel movie reviews, we’ll be maintaining the social element already innate to gaming. Visiting SnackieCakes.com ought to feel like discussing a new or upcoming game with a group of friends, built out of the question and answer conversation that is natural to any big release or timeless classic.

Welcome also to a third floor apartment in Minneapolis.

We’re a handful of rather ragtag friends unifying our respective skills to make a site both useful and enjoyable. The rest of the day we’re boarding paved Minneapolis, Lake Minnetonka, and working nine to five’s in IT, canvassing, or nights waiting tables. We’ve come from Minnesota and Wisconsin, spent years in Arizona and Illinois, worked through school and finally landed together here. In a very real sense SnackieCakes.com exists and is inhabited; I guarantee techno is playing there this very moment.

Welcome finally to my proudest of achievements.

From design to content to technical underpinnings I couldn’t be more glad about SnackieCakes.com; what I’m truly proud of, however, are the friends putting it all together. There is always a story to where we are, a chronological necessity written by life and lived by ourselves at startling speed. Friends, experiences, and numerous games have all been a part of the organic development of SnackieCakes.com and I’m absolutely throttled to think it’s only the beginning! We’ll be working hard to expand our community every day and to ensure that we’re at the forefront of a new sort of gaming critique – intelligent, social, and designed solely for gaming.

Thank you for visiting SnackieCakes.com!


Danny Irwin

President of Tasty Baked Goods